Advantages And Disadvantages of Online IELTS

The past two decades saw many contemplating IELTS for improving their career or to further their education in English-speaking countries. While opting for IELTS is good it has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look why IELTS online is well known and challenges that are part of it.

Advantages of Online IELTS

1. Cheaper: Needless to say online classes are cheaper when compared to the cost of regular classes. This makes it attractive when one is on a tight budget and online IELTS classes become an ideal option.

2. Convenience: Online IELTS classes are convenient, especially for those who are working for extended hours, don’t prefer traveling back and forth, or prefer learning from the comfort of their home. Materials are sent through email or FTP and teachers can be reached via email or Skype.

3. Individual Attention: Online IELTS education platform allows individual attention from teachers and students feel at ease to ask questions or participate, since there’s no peer pressure. Questions can also be asked through chat or email.

4. Reduced pressure: Online IELTS reduces the possibility of peer pressure adding up and the ambiance is considered better for those who are weighed down by stress. Practices tests are given as homework.

5. Versatile Schedules: Most who consider IELTS are presently working and can only opt for weekend or evening classes. Online classes offers flexibility to choose one’s preferred timing and slot duration.

6. Encourages Self-discipline: Besides IELTS course material, one’s discipline is improved, since they’re independent in online IELTS classes and don’t have teachers closely monitoring their performance. Self-reliance makes one driven to improve their scores and perform better.

7. Location: Online IELTS knows no boundaries as one can study from anywhere, anytime!

Disadvantages of Online IELTS

1. No Interaction with Students: This is a key problem when one options for IELTS online classes. There’s no classroom setting, where students get tips and feedback from other students and also get encouraged.

2. Possibility of Distractions: Studying IELTS online can be difficult with distractions at home – friends, kids, guests, phones, music, etc.

3. Increases Procrastination: It is easier to procrastinate classes or tests, as there’s no strict schedule and there’s no peer pressure or teachers to ensure IELTS tests are completed on time.

4. Technical Issues: Online IELTS learning relies on Internet access. Slower connections can hamper learning. Other probable issues include corrupted files, malware or viruses, etc.

5. Time Consuming: Getting feedback or answers could take time, since teachers aren’t around to answer at your beck and call like a classroom.

6. Technical Skills Needed: Even a renowned IELTS website, coupled with technical support and comprehensive materials may not be enough, if the students aren’t technically sound. Students should know to get around online and utilize the resources offered to them, if they enroll for online IELTS classes.

Considering all these aspects, studying IELTS online could be challenging. One must weigh the advantages and disadvantages and decide what’s suitable based on their situation.