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Expert feedback, improvement and motivation to make sure you Pass IELTS.

Academic and General IELTS courses included.
Over 20 chapters with exercises to completely guide you through the essay writing process.

Everything you need to pass.
From thinking of ideas to organising thoughts to finishing EVERYTHING in 60 minutes.

24h Full email support
It's like having your own personal expert IELTS tutor. Ask questions, get support.

Access the IELTS Success Facebook group (private).

You are not alone studying for IELTS, meet other students, share tips and resources.

Feedback and improvement.
24h Essay correction ensures you get guidance, support, and improve. 5 Task 2 essays, 3 Task 1 essays -you are covered!


Common Questions

  • q-iconWhy 150 day access?

    From past experience if you don’t work fast, valuable tips are forgotten, this wastes both mine and your time. For example, you write an essay and get it corrected, then life distracts you and you write the next essay a month later. In the new essay you have probably forgot a lot of what you learnt previously, so we have to start from the beginning AGAIN.

  • q-iconWhen can I start?

    It is an online course with videos, so you pay, get the email with the login details and can start in less than 60 seconds!

  • q-iconWill the course help me get a Band 8 or 9?

    Yes, because at this level no time is spent correcting grammar etc so we focus completely on higher level aspects such as style, idiomatic expressions, and other high scoring skills. I did this with Yana, who needed a Band 8 for Canadian immigration.

  • q-iconIt’s my first time taking IELTS, should I buy the course?

    Allejandro, also wanted to pass first time and not mess around paying for re-sits, wasting time re-learning material, and loosing time visiting the test centre. So he got the Sentence Guide a few months before the exam, completed all the tasks and nailed it.

  • q-iconIt’s my 8th time taking IELTS, should I get the course?

    Welcome to the club! I get emails like this all the time, ranging from Mega, Kevin, Mary Ann. Yes it will help you to improve so you can get out of the exam re-sit trap and move on in life!

  • q-iconI have my exam in 5 days!

    To be completely honest, I don’t like working like this, it’s stressful for everyone involved. I do not recommend it. In Yvonne’s case she was very close, and just needed the structure and a few tips to help her. Although you do get 24h turnaround, you could complete the whole course in 5 days, but your chances are better working steadily (7-10 days) rather than stressing both yourself and me!!!

  • q-iconWho is this course for?

    – If you are in Australia and need to pass fast but do have the funds, the time or the patience for the expensive, no-guarantee academies then it’s perfect for your situation


    – If you are preparing by yourself using online materials and find that all the different blogs offer different advice and you are completely frustrated and confused then you are in the right place here with me! the Sentence Guide will guide you simply through the entire writing process. Guaranteed.

    – If you have no access to high quality IELTS specialised teachers in your country / city / town then online Sentence Guide will give you the support, feedback, and knowledge to improve your writing and pass IELTS.

  • q-iconWill I have enough time?

    – This course usually takes around 7 -10 days to complete.

    – If you are a full time professional with no time to mess around in the academies, or lack the time to find a quality personal IELTS tutor, and just want to improve in YOUR time, using YOUR computer and YOUR schedule then you will find course is perfect for your situation.






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Hi Ben! Sincerely, I am extremely happy that I have found your course. I have really enjoyed it and am learning a lot! Your sentence guide is easy to understand and to follow. It is really amazing! I hope to pass the exam for a good score. Anyway I will write you about my results. Thank you a lot!